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Advertising Disclosure

Androgrow.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

This site also utilizes VigLink, a similar method of earning advertising income through various other affiliates, including eBay, Amazon's international sites, and more. Learn more about this by clicking on the VigLink button:
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Google Adsense is used on this website. To learn more about the Google services we use, see our privacy policy.

If a link leads away from this website, to another, consider that it may be a referral link and we may earn a small commission for sales on such websites.

Why we have affiliates and advertisements
A note from Cemmos, founder & administrator

Androgrow is an independent website run by a very small team of volunteers. We're not backed by any large corporate entity, and as such we need a way to keep things running — from the servers our content is hosted on, to the ongoing maintenance and expansion costs of those servers' environments, to the features we have (or want to add) here on the site.

That wouldn't be possible to maintain for long without monetizing the site in some fashion. I find that affiliate links and display ads are a decent method of earning the income we need to sustain and evolve the site.

Androgrow is indeed a project made from passion. Its initial investment and the software licensing were all out of my own (not so deep) pockets. The design itself was the work of extra hours put in on top of maintaining the other aspects of my life.

We try to keep display ads as unobtrusive to your browsing experience as possible. Affiliate links are products or services that we trust or have used or researched in some way, and we will never endorse something on this site for the sole purpose of making a buck; our integrity runs deeper than becoming the shills we abhor.

With that said, I hope you understand our stance on advertising and hope it's not a turn off to your browsing and learning experience here on the site. Please bear in mind that not every aspect of an ad is monitored by us, such as those that are automated through Google Adsense or Amazon Native Shopping Ads. We do not precisely control what is displayed on those, so don't take the contents of them as endorsements from us personally.

Thanks for your understanding and your patronage.
- Cemmos