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Fitness enthusiast. Ex-military. Bearded bandit.

Cemmos created Androgrow and manages it through his company, Obstance LLC.
The design and vision of the site was borne out of his passion of web design, fitness, and online communities.

In my teenage years, I was always a part of some sort of online community; almost always forums relating to video games. It was during these times when I started getting into web design, wanting to make the communities I was a part of more unique. Over the years, I helped run a variety of forums, as well as ran a few myself (not a lot of them at once, but keep in mind this was over the course of many years). 

After joining the US Air Force at 19, and eventually leaving, I decided to pursue my more "nerdy" passions full-time. As much as I like physical challenges, I also enjoy mental challenges — I like to learn. I like growing and maturing as a person. And those things can be fairly challenging if you allow yourself to get comfortable and stick only to what you know.

As it was mentioned above, I created Androgrow because it truly falls in line with some of the things I'm most passionate about. It's also a challenge. How many fitness websites are out there in the wild? I ask rhetorically, but if given some thought... there are a ton of them, for lack of a better word. What makes Androgrow different from the rest? Why do we need it?

These aren't questions I'll be answering here. In all honesty, they're hard questions to answer. But beyond logical thought, it's also just a feeling. I feel it needs to be done. Or maybe I just really want to do it. Either way, it's here. And it's not going anywhere.

I hope you enjoy the site even a fraction of the amount that I do.

Oh, and feel free to introduce yourself!

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