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  1. Coolprogramer36

    Training alone or with a Partner

    I prefer to exercise alone rather than having a partner, not because I don't want somebody to be with me but I want to focus on thinking to something that I enjoy when I'm alone. Having a partner on my exercise will make me distracted and will annoy me. Although having a partner on any exercise is fun but my exercises are need to be focused with and myself can understand what it is.
  2. Coolprogramer36

    Post Your Workout Music!

    I love this song played when I do jogging and it keeps me moving on. Also it has a deep meaning to our society and I like it.
  3. Coolprogramer36

    Do you train with music on?

    I do and I love doing it while I exercise. I like to listen rock songs when I jog and run. I love the beat that makes me more comfortable when I take more steps.
  4. I started to build my muscle last year but I didn't see a big result , instead a hard tiny muscles. I would like to know what is the right foods or drinks to take for beginners like me in order to build big and strong muscles. Any suggestions will help.
  5. Coolprogramer36

    Morning Run vs Evening Run

    I prefer a morning run rather than evening, because I love running at the morning with lots of tress and cold wind. I try running in the evening but I didn't feel healthy. I found my self exhausted with smokes and car smokes.
  6. Coolprogramer36

    Steroids for body building

    Is it true that steroids can build muscles? Is it safe ? Any one in here uses one of it? Please let me know the effects and side effects of it.
  7. Coolprogramer36

    Which supplements do you take — if any?

    Basically I don't take any supplements but I drink energy drinks because I don't feel to be healthy with supplements. I rather ate vegetables abpnd fruits than supplements. But I admit that I look some vitamins for myself. For me, vegetables and fruits are enough with proper exercise and rest. I think supplements is for the people who dont eat vegetables.
  8. Coolprogramer36

    What got you into fitness?

    Hi admin. Firat of all I want to say than you that I found this site. Factors that triggers me to work out are : I am not happy about my size , I'm too skinny to be called real man, I want to be stronger than I was before, I want to have a healthy lifestyle and I want to be fit. Many of my friends called me skinny guy because I am so pale and lame. I am so jealous of other guys that are so fit and has a muscular body. I decided that I want to be like them and to be healthy as well , and voila I found this awesome site.
  9. Coolprogramer36

    Introduce yourself!

    Hey everybody , I'm coolprogramer also in Philippines, I am so very thankful that I found this awesome site. I'm love to exercise and make myself in good shape. I ate vegetables and fruits often and I want to learn from here what's the secret of bring healthy. I played basketball,baseball and tennis. I want to have some healthy muscles and build some abbs. I hope I can learn a lot from here. Have a nice day everyone.
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