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  1. Building a bigger chest has been a challenge for me. I have been doing chest workouts as always however it seems like I am not really getting the result. Can you guys please share some tips and your best chest workouts. Really appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. Zeke

    How to get a Flat Stomach?

    You would notice your stomach is at its best in the morning. I think it also has to do something with our eating habit. What I do to maintain a flat stomach is to not eat a lot. You can eat from time to time just so you won’t get hungry, but still not to much. I do atleast 50-100 reps of crunches daily. For ladies I think 50 would be enough. I think you may also do belly dancing, you probably wont get a perfectly flat stomach by just dancing alone but it helps. You can just watch lessons online and do it at home during your free time.
  3. Zeke

    Morning Run vs Evening Run

    Not really a morning person though I prefer a morning run. It is a good way to warm up and prepare yourself for the day’s load. At the same time the air seems fresher and I like the feeling of being under the heat of the rising sun.
  4. Zeke

    Post Your Workout Music!

    It’s funny but yeah. This is such a feel good song. This is the song I normally listen to when using using the treadmill. Makes me feel hot and sexy. Hahaha 😂
  5. Zeke

    Do you train with music on?

    Always. Music sets the mood. I love listening to upbeat and feel good music when working out. It makes me feel so energetic and lively. You won’t get tired easily and lifting weights seems a bit lighter than usual for me.
  6. Zeke

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone! I am Zeke 25 from the Philippines. I found the website as I browse on the internet looking for some tips on how to stay fit and healthy. I am part of the recruitment industry. As I always face and meet different people daily, I need to be presentable and maintain my body, I need to stay in shape as much possible also in order to keep up with my daily loads. I hope to learn more through this site and I hope we all achieve the same goals. It is really nice to know and meet different people from all around the world that shares the same passion.
  7. Good points. That might be true that some are just concerned and maybe watching if you are doing things properly to avoid accident or injuries or maybe just waiting for their turn to use the equipment. Though I think it would also be highly appreciated if they will approach newbies, you know just to give them some tips do’s and don’ts. Also I understand the fact that not everyone maybe is willing to do that and not all newbies might appreciate it. I think the best way to handle this is not to be that concious on the people around ofcourse in a positive manner, just focus on what you are doing. In case you need help do not be afraid to approach anyone. They have been in the same scenario and they surely know how it feels like to be a newbie. For sure they are always willing to help knowing the fact that you guys are on same place achieving the same goal.
  8. This is one of the reason why I don’t like going to gym before. I prefer working out together with a friend. I feel like other gym goers tend to intimidate newbies particularly in the weight section. Its as if all eyes are on you checking out what you are doing and how heavy you are lifting. I hope we can avoid this not unless we are to check, offer help or give the newbies some tips. This not to generalize it is just based my own experience.
  9. No I don’t. I haven’t and I am scared to be honest. I am afraid there will be side effects of taking supplements that might hurt or might be bad to my health. I think working out and eating healthy food would just be enough for me as I am not really into body building as well.
  10. 3 times a week. I actually wanted to do it everyday I just do not have the luxury of time unfortunately. Though I think two hours or more of workout a day is just enough for me. However I workout at home as well atleast 50 crunches and 50 push ups and I try to up and down the stairs as many times as possible.
  11. Zeke

    What got you into fitness?

    I got into fitness bescause I wanted to be fit healthy and strong. It was not really easy to hit the gym on a daily basis. However seeing other people who has improved by continously training makes feel so inspired. I consider every workout as a challenge the must be done in order for me achieve my goal. I think another thing that keeps me going are the friends I am meeting who has the same passion when it comes to fitness. I have gined a lot of knowledge from that helps me a lot in improving myself.
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