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  1. Cemmos

    Welcome to Androgrow!

    Welcome to Androgrow, everyone. I'm excited to officially pre-launch the site as we start to fill it with some fresh content. You could call it a beta of sorts, but technically all of the features have been through internal testing and there's not much reason to call it a test at this stage. But whatever you want to call it, let's go through a few points: The site is brand new and was in development over the past couple of months. It is, at the time of this writing, quite bare-bones. There's not much content, and as such, the site is not really being pushed and advertised fully at the moment. We'll be leaving that for when we actually have reading material around the site. While I say all of the features have been tested, the site is not and essentially never will be feature-locked. We're always looking to add and modify features as the site grows. With that said, it's always an exciting time when launching a new website or project. Here's a little bit about myself: I go by Cemmos (Latin, or "hard" C pronunciation) and one of my passions is running online communities. I've been around this community stuff since, I believe, 2005. I'm a web designer by profession, but I much prefer designing for the sites I run, rather than for other people or companies. I've also managed communities professionally as a contractor. Beyond the online aspects of my life, I've always been into fitness and am a decently sporty person by nature. I was in the military for a few years before I decided to pursue my career online. Based off the little I've told you, you can guess why Androgrow came to be: it's an online community, it's about fitness, health and self-growth, and I designed it myself. The backbone of the site is a software called Invision Community, which is a great suite of software and should serve us well going forward. Some of my hopes for Androgrow's future include, Becoming a reliable and reputable source of fitness and health information. Offering a platform for like-minded and individualistic people to gather, share information, and grow together. Releasing a line of products created through the use of science and study that can help your personal endeavors, whatever they may be. We're not backed by any large (or small, really) corporate entity and hope to remain that way. We will need to produce income in some way for the site to thrive, but that's not a method that's on the radar whatsoever. It may seem strange that I'm bringing up income in the very first news blog of the site, but I'm all about transparency. I don't like when I don't know what's going on with a community that I'm a part of, or when it feels like those that run it are sketchy. I'd much rather get this out there, let you know my thoughts, and if you don't like my line of thinking — at least you know from the get-go, right? Now that I've told you a little bit about myself and some of what the site aims to be, welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up with a DM here on the site, or use the contact form. There's a link at the bottom of every page. Because this is a community-based website, I'll be on the lookout for potential enthusiasts that are willing to help out with moderation as the community grows. If you haven't already, go ahead and sign up on the site to get your profile created. I hope to see you around the community! - Cemmos